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Zoom Architecture - about us

ZOOM ARCHITECTURE began in 1996 growing out of the partnership between Estelle Benatar and Florent Cenni. Zoom Architecture is a multidisciplinary agency specializing in architecture and Interior design. Our international team also offers consulting in furniture design and brand development.

Your needs are our focus.  Our global approach allows an understanding of your functional, operational and cultural desires such as concept development, design, lighting analysis, colour and sensory material study.

While our design studio is based in Brussels, we have an international clientele (France, Luxembourg, Democratic Republic of Congo, Greece, among others) and therefore we have built up an internationally experienced team capable of managing any project abroad.

How do we work ? A Multidisciplinary Team

Before starting the creation process we set up a think tank dedicated to the specific needs of each client. With it, we apply our interdisciplinary skills to examine and elaborate upon concepts, specific ideas and techniques, and the means necessary to set up the project in the best possible conditions. The multidisciplinary nature of our team allows us to build on each aspect of the project with a specific expertise. Our team consists of about ten architects and interior designers, most of whom were trained abroad (France, Japan, South Africa, Spain, Italy).

The partners

Estelle Benatar

Florent Cenni

The collaborators

Morgane Allard

François Challe

Nicolas Coets

Lionel Cumps

Laura Fernandez Ruiz

Noella Mercelis

Intern (past and present)

Dorothée, Juliette, Mathieu, Emile, Sophie, Victoria, Julia, Alexandra, Valentine, Bertrand, Magdalena, Julie, Elena, Allya

21 years of experience

Zoom Architecture was created out of a partnership between Estelle Benatar and Florent Cenni. A mixed collaboration that produces an aesthetic, spatial, visual, olfactory and musical vision of architectural design.

Zoom Architecture’s considerable experience in designing fashion shops and restaurants, and its global experience in various other fields, gives us a unique knowledge which is brought to each project.  Zoom Architecture can then propose to their client a specific approach with a world view in terms of architecture, interior design and design strategy.

Integration of the DNA

Through our considerable experience in architecture and interior design, we have the knowledge and skill combined with the ability to think strategically (both conceptually and creatively), using our creativity to solve equations that link the specific brand to its environment, creating an architectural experience that highlights the exact DNA of the brand itself.